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BSc of Information Technology | Technical Support | Software Engineer

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Over 10 years experience in customer focused environments where I developed excellent communication and customer service skills, progressing to a Team Lead position. Graduated in International Business with a MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Brazil). Current graduate student (year 4) in BSc Hons in Information Technology (CCT College, Dublin). Confident and competent in the use of IT Software, Systems and Principles. I am now keen to demonstrate my initiative and technical problem-solving ability, analytical skills and leadership potential in a fast-paced dynamic environment. I am actively seeking opportunities in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) where I can continue to grow new skills whilst building on my existing experience.

Technical IT Skills

PROGRAMMING: Java, Python.
WEB DEVELOPMENT: React, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, Apache, Node.js, Socket.IO.
OPERATING SYSTEMS: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Linux, MacOS.
NETWORKING: TCP/IP Model, CISCO Routing & Switching Protocols, Wireshark, Packet Tracer, DNS, ACL, OSPF, DHCP, VLANs, Firewall.
DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR: MySQL, NoSQL, Database Design, ER Diagrams, DBMS, Normalisation.

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Education & Training

2016 - 2019
CCT - College of Computing Technology
Dublin - Republic of Ireland

Level 8 result: In Progress.

Level 7 result: DISTINCTION.

Core Modules: Programming, Design Patterns, Web Design & Development, Database, Network Technology, Cloud Computing.

Project Work: Student Tutor (Oct/2018 - present)
▪ Supporting the lecturer during classes, monitoring students, dealing with queries or any difficulties regarding computer languages, networking, database and maths.
For further details: click here.

Project Work: Real Time Web Application (Sept/2019 - present)
▪ Individual full stack development for a web app containing information about HIV to build a people network.
▪ AWS S3 will be used for application storage.
▪ Full SDLC will be followed.
▪ Database design and its implementation will be necessary for data persistency.
Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, Socket.IO, NoSQL, React, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS.
For further details: click here.

Project Work: Speech-Impaired Application - May/2019
▪ A successful team-work project about a mobile application and website for people who are not able to speak.
▪ Developed buttons with keywords for the user to tap when they want to express their feelings such as happiness, sadness, sarcasm, frustration, etc.
▪ Full SDLC was strictly followed using Agile methodology.
Technologies: Java, XML and APK.
For further details: click here.

Project Work: Cloud Computing Fundamentals & Platforms (Nov/2018)
▪ Using both command line and UI, storage buckets were created and files from both a host computer and a Linux VM VirtualBox were uploaded.
▪ Repetitive deployment processes were used to create different VMs such as Linux (which Apache and NGINX were installed) and Windows Server (which IIS was installed).
▪ I also created a VM using VirtualBox and I uploaded it to the cloud as a Live Migration requirement.

Project Work: Tech Support Ticket Logging System - Dec/2017
▪ Individual project responsible for developing a system using Java for the technical support team to handle customer tickets which must be used by various users simultaneously.
▪ Database design and its implementation were required for this project development.
Technologies: Java and MySQL.
For further details: click here.

Project Work: Library Web Application - Oct/2017
▪ Individual project to develop a web application from scratch both front and back-end.
▪ Based on user authentication, two interfaces were developed: one for admin and the other for general users.
▪ Database design and its implementation were requried for this project development.
Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML and CSS.
For further details: click here.

Project Work: Mock Website - Apr/2017
▪ Individual project with the responsibility to lead the full stack development of a random business website.
Technologies: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
For further details: click here.

Project Work: Leap Year Calculator - Nov/2016
▪ This was my first project in college. I must confess Java, for me, was purely the snake game on Nokia mobile phone (years ago).
▪ The program asks for a year and checks whether it is a Leap Year. Then, it prints a calendar on the console.
Technology: Java.
For further details: click here.

2012 - 2013
UNIP - Universidade Paulista
Sao Paulo - Brazil

Core Modules: Supply Chain Management, International Financial System & Exchange Rate

Project Work: Logística Empresarial e o Comércio Eletrônico (Corporate Logistics and Electronic Commerce)
▪ This assignment had the objective of addressing theoretical way interlinking business logistics commerce of goods, proposing the proof and analysis, through concepts and studies conducted by experts, including the most feasible alternatives for the e-commerce logistics sector. Furthermore, comparisons were made between the theory and the study of the e-commerce sector with respect to business logistics and random case studies.
For further details: click here.

2008 - 2012
Faculdade Drummond
Sao Paulo - Brazil

Core Modules: Entrepreneurship, People Management, Mathematics, Business Strategies.

Project Work: Cerviflan Indústria & Comércio Ltda
▪ The assignment presents strategies and business opportunities aimed at full integration with other economies globally. It explains in detail how to bring a machine from Italy to Brazil and also how to nationalise according to Brazilian laws and taxes.
For further details: click here.

Nov - Dec/2011
Bookeeping with Quickbooks
LaGuardia Community College
New York - United States

Core Modules: Accounts payable and receivable, Invoice customers, Pay utilities, Financial reports preparation, Depreciation calculation.


Java-In-Depth Programming Language: For further details: click here.

Mastering React For further details: click here.

JavaScript Essential Training: For further details: click here.

WordPress Essential Training: For further details: click here

WordPress Plugins - SEO (Search Engine Optimization): For further details: click here.

Bootstrap 3 (This web page was created using Notepad++): For further details: click here.

Work Experience

Mar/16 - Present The Westbury Hotel / Riu Plaza The Gresham Hotel
Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Position: Customer Service Representative

Responsibilities: ▪ Providing a visible presence to ensure that all customer requests and queries are responded to promptly and effectively in a fast-paced workplace.
▪ Collect and handle payments; provide silver service; deliver high standard customer care and catering.
▪ Up-selling of products on average by 40% per shift.
▪ Reporting all facilities issues, customer service inquiries and inventories to superiors.

Jul - Mar/2015 Exchange Program
Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Position: Student / Customer Service Representative

Responsibilities: ▪ Studying English and working to gain international exposure as well as learning about a new culture while providing the highest customer service in a restaurant.

Feb/12 - Jun/15 United Institute of English
São Paulo - Brazil.

Position: Head of Studies

Responsibilities: ▪ Responsible for the day-to-day operations of 4 English schools with 1200 students, managing student experience from admissions through course completion.
▪ Coordinating the organisation and administration of the classes, teachers’ and classes’ timetable, payroll, admission and managing relationship with students, teachers and administrative staff. Working closely with the CEO.
▪ Created a customer approach handbook for the reception staff to standardise customer service and assist new staff training. For further details: click here.
▪ Developed a teaching manual explaining in detail the organisation’s aims as well as emphasising the methodology and company policies and procedures. For further details: click here.

Achievements: ▪ Increased number of students by 25% in developing, evaluating and coordinating educational programs and reduced by 10% the number of students’ cancellations.
▪ Successfully reduced payroll by 20% by streamlining the teaching work schedule.

Jul/10 - Jan/12 Natura Spa Corp
New York, NY - United States

Position: Receptionist / Administrative Assistant

Responsibilities: ▪ Responsible for offering outstanding customer service and assisting in the administration.
▪ Managing the payroll processing, account receivable, account payable, cash handling, banking & scheduling, invoicing, controlling expenses and budget.
▪ Stock management and inventory control, including receiving, checking and sorting products.

Dec/09 - Mar/10 Centerplace Coffeeshop
Whiteface Mountain, NY - United States

Position: Customer Service Representative

Responsibilities: ▪ Creating a warm and welcoming environment for customers, providing an exceptional level of customer service.
▪ Taking orders on the counter, describing items to customers and suggesting products.

May/05 - Nov/09 United Institute of English
São Paulo - Brazil.

Position: English Teacher

Responsibilities: ▪ Offering comprehensive English lessons, accommodating the specific level of learners while offering support to make certain each student was able to grasp materials.
▪ Assisted with homework and other class assignments.
▪ Created lesson plans, review worksheets, and practice tests to prepare students for exams.

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Additional Information

▪ Fluent English | Native Portuguese | Intermediate Spanish.

▪ Wrote an English grammar book for basic, intermediate and advanced levels. For further details: click here.

▪ Volunteered to teach English at a local church and created basic course material. For further details: click here.

▪ Passionate about Hiking, Travelling, Puzzles, History, Culture, Languages, Museums.

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